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2020 Ministry Goals


Ownership of the Core Missionary Task for every SCORE missionary and local church partner in order to multiply generations of disciples and plant reproducing healthy churches for the glory of God and joy of His people.


  • An estimated 9% are considered evangelical Christians.

  • Over 4,000 villages with no Gospel witness.

  • Catholicism is the official state religion based on a concordat between the Dominican government and the Vatican. However, the majority of the population are not practicing Catholics instead are more syncretistic in practice combining aspects of Roman Catholicism, Santeria, 21 Divisiones and Haitian voodoo.


  • Launch teams into 10 new communities to intentionally CARE for people in a manner that leads to next steps.

  • Maintain multiple and consistent “CARE Anywhere Engagements” of all peoples (oikos) who are within the sphere of influence of SCORE personnel and believers in churches we lead or have trained.

  • Personally assist a first time national church planter in Zona Oriental in new church start (MWAL).


  • Sustain 3,000 “Story of Hope” shares weekly through our SCORE personnel and national church partners.

  • Sustain 2,000 weekly mouth-to-ear Gospel shares through our SCORE personnel and national church partners.

  • Note: this does not include mass-Gospel presentations, i.e. baseball week outreach.


  • Model long-term (LT) discipleship using pattern of discipleship through the Gospel of John with SCORE missionaries at biweekly staff meetings.

  • Train a minimum of 5 new churches outside our current scope of partnerships in Great Commission Initiative.

  • Equip SCORE missionaries and core leadership of Iglesia de la Grace to personally identify and practice short-term (ST: 3 to 6 months) pattern of discipleship with a minimum of 2 new disciples.

  • Ensure that all SCORE personal and national church partners are consistently imparting the Great Commission DNA to new converts.

  • Identify and assist effective (high producing) practitioners in progressing to generational discipleship growth.

  • Provide field 1 and 2 training for all non-sports volunteers in missions (VIM) traveling with SCORE in order to create Gospel force multipliers.

  • Equip SCORE interns to model pattern of discipleship (field 3) with all VIM teams staying at the MTC.


  • Provide a church health assessment for national church partners in San Pedro and Constanza.

  • Transition a minimum of one Iglesia de la Gracia cell groups as a self-identified church plant.


  • Launch the first two cohorts of national pastors and leaders in seminary program at SCORE MTC in partnership with Seminario Teológico Bautista Dominicano (STBD) and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) in order to provide quality theological, ministerial and leadership training.

  • Assist SCORE missionaries in evaluating their current ministry in order to development ministry strategy that includes objectives and metrics within the Core Missionary Tasks.

  • Provide reproducible spiritual leadership training for all SCORE missionaries.

  • Expand personal influence and identify potential new CP partners by teaching more church planting and missiology courses at STBD.


  • Provide a formal “Core Missionary Tasks” assessment of SCORE missionaries and national CP partners by December 2020.

  • Provide a formal “Core Missionary Tasks” assessment of Iglesia de la Gracia church plants by December 2020.


  • Discipleship multiplication, church planting and each element of the Core Missionary Task is contingent on the sovereign and providential movement of God. We are responsible for obeying, not the results. Consequently, as we abide in Christ we must be attentive to His desire to adjust any of the above goals. However, our abiding in Christ also creates confidence that as we obey the controllables of Kingdom advancement He is faithful to multiply that fruit of the harvest for His glory.


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